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Boston online dating provides a speedy, easy and on-the-go method of finding a potential matches and possibly a life-long partner. A lot people have leveraged the apps for dating to find their true better-half — you can also become one of them by learning how to start swiping correctly.

Step #1: Chill out have a Coffee 

The first step to using an app to date in Boston is to download your preferred one. They usually come in forms that are compatible to your smartphone or tablet. For instance, if you prefer to use a specific matchmaking app, you can download the version for iPhone if you’re using an iPhone, or use Google Play Store to download Tinder for Android if you’re using an android phone.

Step #2: Now Coffee meets Bagel

The app needs to be opened before you can use it. So, when you download your Boston dating app, double click to open it. For instance, Tinder app comes with an icon in form of white flame. So, click on the icon to open it.

Step #3: Create your Account

For instance, for Tinder, an active Facebook account is needed to open a Tinder one. So, what you have to do is tap on “Log in with Facebook” located on the bottom of your screen.

Next, Click OK when a prompt appears. For dating apps (e.g. Tinder) that works with Facebook app, tapping OK will grant the app access to your Facebook info. You may be prompted to log in to Facebook with your email address and password if you didn’t save your Facebook log-in details. Also, bear in mind that you must turn your location services on before you can use apps like Tinder. This may not be necessary with some other dating apps.

Step #4: Decide Whether or Not to Receive Notifications for Potential Matches

A number of the online dating apps would want to know whether or not you would like to receive notifications. Choose the applicable option. Some apps will provide “I Want to Be Notified” option or “Not Now”. You can always go back to opt for receiving notification when you choose the “Not Now” option. Some of the apps are free. But, you may have to upgrade subsequently to access extra features. When it comes to Tinder for instance, you can choose to upgrade to Gold to access additional features and benefits.

How to use a dating App in Boston MA

Step #5: Explore the Interface


You need to understand how online Dating and your preferred app works by exploring the interface. In exploring the app’s interface, you should do the following;

Review the Page: For Tinder, an image is embedded at the center of the page; the profile is for a nearby person who is also a Tinder user.

Check out the Buttons: Check the bottom of the screen for Tinder and a number of other love finding apps. Using these buttons, you are able to interact with potential dates’ profiles. Using Tinder again as an example, the buttons (starting from left to right) will help you achieve the following; Undo last action (swipe), Dislike a profile, Boost the visibility of your profile for 30 minutes, like a profile, Super Like a profile to alert the user of your Like.

Check Messages: Also, the interface will show how to check your messages on the dating app. For instance, you check your messages by tapping a speech bubble icon located at the right-side of the screen, to load conversations with possible matches.

Switch to Social Mode: Your app experience using Tinder can let your switch to social mode. For instance, you can switch to a more platonic mode on Tinder by tapping a switch at your screen’s top center.

  • Tap the Icon for Profile: Usually represented by a person-shaped icon, so that you can set the options for your profile.

Step #6: Managing Your Online Settings

You also need to learn how to manage your settings and user base such as the following;

Tap Settings: Tinder has the Tap Settings in a gear-shaped icon, located on the profile screen.

Discovery Settings: This setting is typical and may also be available in other dating apps. These are the settings that would influence your browsing, as well as the sort of profiles you will get to view. For Tinder, these settings are; Location, Maximum Distance, Gender, and Age Range.

Other Settings: Check other settings you can manipulate, such as editing your notifications settings. You can also get to view privacy policy or how to log out from the app.

Review Your Photos: You can also get to review your photo while using apps. How? For Tinder, go to Edit Info page and accomplish a number of various things there such as replacing your primary photo by tapping and dragging a new photo into the big photo tile.

And, if you want to delete your photo from Tinder, simply click on ‘X’ at the bottom of the photo. If you choose to let Tinder select a photo for you, go ahead and slide “Smart Photos”.

Write a Profile Description: Look for the “About Name” field to accomplish this. The description limit is 500 characters, so you should maximize it.

Review Profile Information: Here, you can edit a couple of aspects such as Current Work, My Anthem (profile song), School, and I Am (gender).

  • Click Done: This will complete the process

Once you’re done creating an online account and setting up your account, the next thing is to start browsing profiles of others to find matches. At Tinder, if you find a photo you like, you simply swipe right over the profile photo to like it. And, if you would like to match the prospect, simply click the heart-shaped icon.

Finally, using  online search to match your dates and find Love can be easy and especially using Tinder or Bumble is as easy as following the steps above. Stay positive and adopt both cautious and courteous attitude when dating online and using social media to meet people or form a relationship especially if its your city.

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