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You may end up dating someone with herpes. It’s common for people to have Herpes. According to statistics, approximately 90 percent of adults have been made vulnerable to the HSV-1 virus. And, about 1 out of 6 individuals between ages 19 and 49 are diagnosed with genital herpes resulting from the HSV-2. The decision to date or not date a person with herpes is all yours to make.

Now, it’s important to say that majority of people with herpes don’t show any symptoms and as a result are not aware they have the virus. If you are concerned about sexually transmitted diseases (you should anyway), you should take heed and decide appropriately on dating an individual with herpes.

First, Be Informed

If you decide to go into a relationship with someone that has herpes, you should first get information. In essence, if someone you’re interested in is open enough to say he or she has herpes, and you choose to go on with the relationship, you should ask the person the type of herpes he or she has. When you determine the type of herpes, you may be able to determine how to keep the risk of the virus infection low.

And, since many people may not know whether or not they have the virus, you should consider going for a simple test to find out if you have it yourself. This is particularly true if you have been involved in sexual activities. You should know that the chances of getting the virus from a partner carrier are very high. So, if you don’t want to get the virus, you should abstain from sexual activities with the partner and maintain a platonic relationship.

Accept that Herpes Doesn’t Vanish

Dating Someone with Herpes Advice
Herpes the dating nightmare

Being realistic when opting to date someone with herpes is very important. The reality in this case is that the virus doesn’t vanish. In essence, there is no cure for the virus herpes. So, don’t just wish that your partner’s viral infection will go away. The only temporal remedy is that your partner would have to be taking prescription antiviral medications.

Again, this medication won’t make the herpes virus go away, it can only relieve the individual’s symptoms and pains. It’s important you get this and other vital information before deciding to go into a relationship with someone who has herpes.

Learn to Avoid the Infection

One of the major ways to avoid the infection is to completely abstain from sexual activities with a carrier. Another way is to avoid touching herpes sores. So, you should avoid contact with the sores when your partner has outbreak. The most contagious aspect of herpes outbreak is the sore. It’s also important to add that the virus can also possibly emanate from a person’s skin that appears unaffected.

If it happens that you touch the sore mistakenly, do not delay to use soap and water to wash your hands. In addition, be careful not to share items with the individual. Typical examples of such items are lip balms, towels, and glasses. Avoid sharing these items with the partner during an outbreak, whether before, during and after the outbreak.

Encourage Your Partner to Take Medication Serious

A great way to help a partner with herpes is to encourage the person not to skip medication. There’s a daily suppressive medication that helps prevent the virus’ outbreaks. When he or she takes these medicines, active outbreaks would become less frequent.

Typical examples of such medications include Famciclovir, Acyclovir, Valtrex, and Valacyclovir. You should also know that certain medications may possibly interact with the medications listed above. Typical example of such medications is NSAIDS.

Discourage your partner from buying over-the-counter medications when it comes to treating herpes. Instead, let him or her see a family or personal doctor. For a girl, she should consider seeing a gynecologist.

Set and Agree on Certain Boundaries

Also, when dating someone with herpes, you should both set and agree on certain boundaries. This way, both of you can feel safe. So, by getting helpful information about the virus and how it can affect each gender and the relationship as a whole, this will help you make informed decision as to whether or not to continue with the relationship. Let each person communicate his or her need going forward.

Each person in the relationship has a right to his or her feelings. But, it is important to let the other person know what these feelings are in a considerate and clear manner, so that you can both know where the other person stands. Here’s an example; You may tell your partner that you won’t quit dating, but would want to stay away from sexual intercourse. Let your partner know your feeling and allow the person to make their own decision.

Talk to a Professional

Talk to a Professional

If you have concerns regarding your relationship with someone who has herpes, you can see a professional to talk about your concerns. You may also talk to someone you trust, or someone who knows about the virus and how to cope with it. If you need further help, you may call a hot line.

Respect the Privacy of the Other Person

Also, when considering a date with someone who has herpes, you should learn to respect the person’s privacy. When trying to get help regarding the situation, you should avoid talking to someone who will end up rubbing the situation on your partner’s face. Instead, seek help from someone who has something to offer and at the same time won’t rub it on.

Staying Safe While Dating

Whether you met your date online or conventionally, it’s important you stay safe while dating. Safety becomes even more critical when online dating is involved. Don’t be too forward and rash in divulging your personal information. Also, when the relationship seems to have progressed well, don’t also be rash in making it more intimate. Instead, you should dig as much as you can about the potential partner before making your final decision.

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